Tuesday, 5 June 2012

InPress Event 04.06.12

So, last night we held our second event. This wasn't as successful as our first event but I think this was due to the timing of the event; quite a lot of student had already gone home for summer and a lot of students didn't have any money left as it was the end of term. This is something we are going to have to consider when planning our next event. Nevertheless, nothing has been lost as we can sell any remaining prints at our end of year show event.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Contacting Studios

Charlotte and I have decided to join forces and produce a mail in order to get some studio visits (especially GF Smith). We both have the same interests and weren't able to work together for the YCN brief, so have decided to collaborate on this. We are in the process of designing/printing our mail out and have an amazing idea lined up, so just watch this space....

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

End of Year Shows

After the success of our first event we were approached by the college's marketing team to put on an exhibition/sale for the end of year shows. We took up this offer and decided it would be beneficial to invite the whole college to exhibit and sell their work rather than having just one or two guest designers like usual. We have since had a few meetings with the marketing team to discuss plans. This had led to emails with Rose to consolidate what are role is and what we require from the marketing team...

We sent an email out to the whole of college as a call for interest for people to sell their work.

We also advertised this on our InPress facebook page...

We received quite a few responses as a result of this. We then emailed them back with more details of how they can go about submitting their work and what they need to do.

We are also appearing on the End of Year Show promotional material on the college website....

on Facebook...

and we are going to be on the big cuboid outside the front of college! Oooooooh.

Monday, 28 May 2012

PPD Reflection on the year....

//What have I learnt this year?

I have evaluated myself as a designer and perceived where I would like to situate myself within the design industry. This has take place via working through the modules this year.

Print module: passion for print, print processes/finishes, how to communicate on a professional level with printers.

/I have developed skills in print production and now have a core understanding of the print processes available and how to prepare my artwork for commercial print. 

/When I now produce my initial designs for my product I annotate my designs with proposed print processes and stock options I could use, this then determines the document setup and colour palette I use when I get onto the computer to design digitally.

/I take a more informed approach to designing my artwork and take into account a lot more print considerations. 

/I need to be more creative with the design choices I make as I feel I stayed quite safe with the packaging and promotional material I both produced and proposed.

/ I need to ‘think big’ and explore areas unknown to me as this is the only way I am truly going to be able to further my creativity within my designs 

Enterprise: financial skills, how to work professionally within a group situation.

Digital Design:

This has taught me AfterEffect skills that enabled me to produce a fully functional moving image. Neverthless, this has also taught me that I do not like working on this and much prefer printed matter and static digital imagery. Never again .....unless its a very short animation (I may give that a try). Although I didn't enjoy this in the slightest, at least I know have the skills to produce digital animations in the future if it is required.

Progress tutorial with Fred: I need to research, design and resolve my problem within a day. From speeding up this process I can then see where the holes are within my design, I then know what I need to research in order for me to be able to resolve the problem within the next day. This will ensure I do not begin to go round and round in circles between researching and designing, but actually resolve the problem using the research and designs I have.

Typography Elective:

/I learnt an awful lot of core typographic skills throughout this module which can now be applied effectively to my studio work.

/As I learn more skills and know how to use them in the correct manor, I can then begin to effectively break these rules which will result in creative designs that push the boundaries of typography but work sound on a technical level too.

Dreamweaver Workshop:

/The Dreamweaver workshops have taught me how to construct a website on a technical level. This has given me the skills to build my own website which I can showcase/sell my work through.


Working with a partner made me realise the true effects of working with a partner; it was the equal sharing of work which proved the hardest. Nevertheless, I enjoyed working on this brief as I pushed myself to do tasks that I wouldn't necessarily pursue on my own and I feel the outcome truly reflected the effort we put in.

17/Self -initiated brief:

This made me realise I did not want want to work on commercial packaging design, I want to try more branding driven briefs next year.